Weekly blogs – well that didn’t last long

Hi all, suddenly a month has gone past since my last blog! I never seem to have time to fit everything in. I have watched next to no TV, played no games or done much of anything really. Work, running and shopping for Christmas is about all I’ve managed. On the up side I hit my weight goal of 11stone in fact managed 10stone 13lbs.

Unfortunately the treadmill broke a few days after, which was a couple of weeks after the warranty ran out. The irony is the treadmill isn’t even payed for yet! Cutting a long story short the part is available for £40 delivered but looks like a bit of a job to fit. I don’t like to moan on my blog but this was a £1000 treadmill reduced to £700 and neither my wife and I are that heavy but the walking board under the belt has cracked. I would have hoped a treadmill should have lasted longer than that we both use it every day, I run on it but my wife mainly walks. Not exactly heavy use. Anyway if any of you are looking to get a new treadmill best avoid the pro-form performance 600i. Also a note about iFit which some treadmills have, its very proprietary so it’s not a standard Bluetooth connection requires their apps, subscription and wearables to work. What is wrong with these people Apple Watch and Fitbit connection at least should be standard. When you invest in products they should all work together without ripping people off time and time again. Giving iFit credit though the new app is brilliant the workouts are fun and the maps are much smoother and immersive.

It’s taking two hours walking outside to hit my calories goal which is very draining on my time. We have an exercise bike but it doesn’t interact with any of our devices so I find it quite hard to motivate myself. Might after start running outside again but the winter is never the best time to start.


I have caught up on Supergirl, Arrow and made a start on the Flash, these are ones I normally enjoy but this seasons I’m finding them slow going.




NCIS has been ok, and has survived the departure of Abby. Criminal minds on the other hand should have finished three seasons ago, I struggling to bother watching it at all.




Movies have mainly been Christmas cheese and although I don’t mind that at all the do start to blend into one. Highlights have been the Christmas Conicals and Princess Switch in the new ones. Love Actually, Nativity, Die Hard and the Holiday are all classics that I have caught up on.

Between the cheese we have caught up on some of the new Netflix stuff which I have to say I’m well impressed with the selection. Dumplin’ was excellent and so was Kissing Booth. We have watched so many over the last week or two I can’t recall them all as I said the Christmas ones tend to just blend! A simple favour was captivating, very impressive. I will mention Set-up too which was great I haven’t gone into detail about anything as I basically can’t remember but if you normally like what I watch you will like these.


I have a little rant about the snow flake generation who find themselves offended by absolutely everything, including this blog. I will just comment on the latest crazy idea that has spawned from this movement, we need to make farther Christmas more generic!! Really! I truly have no words, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but why should the majority bend to every minorities whims just because they have decided something we hold dear is offensive to them. We are allowed to be offended you are not going to agree with everyone or everything, but that does not give us the right to presume the majority should change to fit in. My advise to anyone who wants to be them-self and feels that life has dealt them the wrong cards, go ahead, but accept that you will probably stand out in a crowd, people will look at you. I guess what I’m saying is any choices we make have consequences. If I choose to have green hair some people won’t agree with my choices and some will even voice that. I don’t expect a law to be made to show Santa with green hair that would be ridiculous right? If someone was to attack me for having green hair they are already braking the law so I don’t need anything else to protect me. Anyone who’s been to school will remember how cruel the world can be and lots of people try to fit in just to survive. We will also remember the ones that were brave enough not to, but will that be for the right reasons, I suspect not.

You can’t make the world agree with you by changing symbols from our childhood or putting 15 genders on forms. My advice is: be who you want to be, be offended, understand most people won’t agree with your choices and accept that, while living your best life!

A week of work, gaming and entertainment!

Hi all, I said I was going to mix it up, but I think with the fact that I’m into the same stuff as always it might be a challenge. Can try and be a bit more inventive with the format.

Sunday Movie night

After fitting the dishwasher, and cupboard handles, I thought I’d relax with a film! That was short lived as I realised I needed to clean out the fish/duck and cut the top grass! Blasted through that relatively quickly! Also noticed I needed to hit my goals so 5k run slotted in too!

The film we chose was mission impossible -fallout, personally I thought it was good and very similar to the others. So if you like them this is a solid 7/10 watch!

Sleepy Monday

Oh dear finally fell asleep at 2am so then the alarm went off at 6:45 I was not ready to get up! Hopped in the shower and basically showered with my eyes closed. I’m like the walking dead today! Hope to wake up later as I’m babysitting lots of databases this week and it’s a gaming global event on “The Division”.

Morning full of calls, saved me from having to concentrate too much! Some interesting stuff there though. Coffee and fruit bread, are a great fuel keeping me going!

Lunch time dog walk woke me up it’s quite fresh out there today even though the suns out. Closed my green ring too which is a result, will still have to do a run to hit my red one it’s up to 580 calories now!

Well 12minute run in the bag 2.5% incline for first 5mins managed 2.33km I’m more than pleased with that all rings completed!

Katsu for tea then The Division GE!! Pitch Perfect was tonight’s mealtime soundtrack… I know we rock right!?!

PC division went well logged off at 23:30 then decided to reboot the router and I’m still massing with it, the iPad and iPhones keep locking up on the Wi-fi I have switched them off and on but made no difference! Fingers crossed that this has fixed it as I haven’t had any more dropouts!

We are now in what I predict to be Tired Tuesday!

Tired Tuesday!

Never start a two minute electronics Job at 23:30 it is invariably going to end in disaster!

so an hour and a half later I gets to bed and the router is fixed.

Work was a mixed bag today, until about 15:00 when it went crazy. Led to a late finish which is annoying as I needed to do a run and I have a date with the Division! I want to get a good tactician build and this is the event to do it! Some of the guys still need gear on the Xbox so I want to balance my time but if yesterday is anything to go on the Xbox won’t get a look in.

Slotted a walk in earlier and my 12 minute run before tea! Pushed it to 2.35km tonight!So all my rings are sorted!

Had madras for tea and it was delicious!

Division on the PC is a challenge for me, can’t use mouse and keyboard so can’t compete in pvp but I’m getting there in pve enjoyed last night solo Times Square legendary, just came unstuck at the end! Had to give up and grind some gear, still pleased I got that far!

Wan Wednesday

Woke up with a migraine so I emailed work and went back to bed!

Managed to pull myself together for my 14:30 work call looking at Exadata! Was very interesting so I’m glad I didn’t miss it.

Took the dog out for a 4K walk thought that might help it didn’t but at least it eat away at my move goal.

Struggled on my 12 minute run but still managed 2.34 k so not too shabby. Completed another perfect day rings wise which is always an achievement when you are ill.

Not much else to note really as I’ve given screens a wide birth today.

Throwback Thursday

Still tired and headache not masses better, but I have work to catch up on and it’s The Division global event. Also my sons 24th birthday 😬

Work was mega busy unsurprisingly but why do people wait until 15:00 to come through with requests when they have had all day. Up side is I clawed back some of my hours. I was booked for dad taxi duties in the evening to drop boy and his girlfriend at a restaurant so they could have a drink! Also managed to volunteer to be on call for a change too!

On the way to drop them off I put #throwbackThursday on Spotify and I expected all would be good, but alas it sucked! This was easily fixed by asking for “the show” by Eminem, I had forgotten how awesome that album was! Made the taxi job pass much quicker. Had to shoehorn the exercise in, not even sure what I did but all rings completed I’m 6 away from getting my 100 move goal… again! Could get two monthly goals too one is 30 stands and the other is a perfect month!

Had a quick blast on The division but got duplicate items in my cache which is a pain did get a mask though!

Frantic Friday

Well I thought Thursday was busy, it was hectic at work cut a long story short I racked up 9hours and he’d to do Out of hours work and be on call for the weekend.

Also the home system went mad so I had to re code some scripts to get that working again. Not fun when you don’t know what you are doing. That seems to be ok until the next up grade!

Exercise was a disaster, to the point that my friend messaged me to ask if my watch had broke! It’s a good job he did or I would have missed my stand goal and I would have been gutted. Fortunately I managed to get all my rings by the skin of my teeth.

Global event was also a washout, it seemed a bit laggy and I was tired, so basically I sucked. I grinded my way through a legendary mission got to the last guy all I need to do is keep putting my turret out and stay away from him, no let’s press the wrong button and climb on a truck which I couldn’t get off… brilliant! It would have meant going through the last 5 waves again life’s too short so I gave up and did a speed run to get GE credits which was also awful I lost count how may times I went down mainly because NPCs were teleporting all over the place and sliding around the screen when I shocked that! I’m not going to lie I had gamer rage! Oh and the final straw I got another duplicate gear set item.

Positives from the day was the computers are now working and so far not got called out!

Another highlight was tea… we had mac n cheese with breaded chicken it worked really well, tasted delicious and wasn’t crazy calories! Helped me stay under my calories even though I’d had a lot of chocolate to get through the day 😜

Second birthday Saturday

Had a weighing this morning, it’s amazing how that can set your mood for the day 11st 8lb #HappyDay makes all the running worth it.

Ran 6.1k this morning steady pace but sometimes that’s the best way. Managed 35 crunches and a 40 second this it’s the right time to start toning the one pack 😂

My son, girlfriend and flat mate came round for tea they had pizza we had Indian. My parents came too as it was my sons birthday in the week. The food was awesome and we even played a bit of singstar. Then Jake(flat mate) showed me some tricks on borderlands, which I have tried out yet!

All in all was a brilliant day, down side is we have tonnes of cake left which is not good for the diet.

As for the entertainment updates it was very lacking may be next week!

Where has this year gone!

Well blink and you miss it! As I’ve got older I have realised that time is not your friend and I wish for the days when birthdays seemed so far apart. I have done loads this year and I will mention some of the stuff here, a lot of it could warrant a whole blog to it’s self but I might spare you guys that.



The Division Xbox one/PC:

This is one of the main time thief’s, I have spent 42 days playing on the Xbox alone and a modest 45.7 hours on the pc! This is probably the prime reason I stopped blogging. Although there is very little to achieve on the Xbox now I still find it’s my go to game. New shields and Global events keep adding a bit of life but don’t desperately need those. I find the PvP part of the game annoying mainly because it doesn’t suit my play style and I never get any better.

I have really enjoyed starting again on the pc, it showed me I’m better than I think as some of the missions I struggled with at first I rocked through with ease. Looking forward to the new one in March but until then I have tried the following:

  • Destiny – looks great and the tutorial bit was good but not played beyond that.
  • Destiny 2 – amazing looking game, I’m finding the game play a little confusing but playing it with high level friends is probably not helping.
  • Fortnite – not sure why people like this it sucks big time
  • Black ops 4 – great game it’s like going home for me, battle royal is ok but see above I don’t love that style of game.
  • Borderlands – just an awesome game which I will always go back to
  • Borderlands 2 – as above
  • FIFA 19 – played demo seems good but not fully committed to it as I’m not a massive football fan.


This year has seen the end of a few shows I watched some defiantly needed the chop but others I think could have gone on and on.

  • Nashville – had to go, last season seamed lost, too many of the main faces where either out or only appeared briefly. Decent ending though.
  • Lucifer – this could have carried on and the ending was just rubbish!
  • Once upon a time – this was done ending was ok not sure where else it could have gone.
  • Pretty little liars – not sure this was this year but it had to go! Think the ending was ambitious it set it up for a new series with the same story different cast and or a spin off! Neither of those seem like a good idea to me.

I did start a few things this year:

  • Good girls – started well, but only managed to get 4 episodes in before everything else came back
  • The affair – really liked this but have not moved on to season 2 yet
  • Sharp objects – episode 1 was hard work not sure I will bother.
  • 13 reasons – not finished season 1 the episodes are very long.
  • SWAT – decent show into season 2 now and it’s going strong

Rediscovered a few too:

  • Suits – i have started this a few times, think it’s great but never get more than a few episodes in and I have to start again
  • The Good wife – watched most of season 3 and I love it

Stuff that’s started back:

  • NCIS all flavours – all good, amazed how Abby’s departure has had less impact than I imagined.
  • Lethal weapon – still behind on this but love it
  • Elementary – think this has finished again this seasons as great like all the others
  • Criminal Minds – loosing the will to live with this it’s lost and maybe should go, Derek left a massive hole in the team and the team lead left taking my interest with him.

Stuff I lost track of and have got behind:

  • Hawaii five-0
  • Stranger things
  • Westworld
  • The flash

I’m sure I have missed loads but as TV forms most of my content, I can catch up on them over the coming weeks.


I have watched many some that come to mind for both good and bad reasons:

Deadpool 2 – as sequels go this is decent I laughed loads!

Avengers infinity wars – oh my days, left the cinema with my home alone face on

Mamma Mia 2 – I was underwhelmed by this one even though the ratings suggested it was better than the first!

Skyscraper – first half got a bit far fetched but that said still enjoyed the film

The greatest showman – one of the best films I have seen

Incredible’s 2 – also very good, may also have help that I watched it with a beer on a cruise ship some where near the Bahamas!!,


I have been bouldering a bit, not as much as I’d like but I need to build up the strength and reduce the weight to get the best out of it.

I have run a lot especially over the last two months, mainly treadmill. I did get out recently as the weather conditions have been perfect for me. Relatively mild for this time of year.

Hoping to hit a perfect month on my Apple Watch, I would have done it last month but I lost some data when I upgraded my phone. This was a bit annoying but made me determined to do it this month!

Done some walking too the dog wasn’t well so decided to do more with him has he had become lazy and he seems to have gained a new lease of life.

I’m trying to diet of sorts but not getting on that well, I like food too much. With the increased exercise though I’m keeping below 12stone which isn’t amazing but I’m ok with it.


This year we went mad and booked to go to Florida for 10 days and do a 4 day Disney cruise round the Caribbean! I don’t have words to explain how amazing it was. Thrill rides, loads of food and the an amazing cruise to finish. This could fill a whole post so I’m sure I’ll come back to it.

Booked for Cuba next year which will be our 3rd visit to this resort, stalk contrast to this years trip, but will be equally amazing!


I’m now a day walker no more shifts for me! Enjoying weekends at home and not feeling constantly jet lagged. Do I miss the money… yes! Do I miss the 4 days off… also yes. That said though my health was suffering and I think making the move now before I got in trouble at work for time off was the right move. Still doing the same job but not out of hours. I’m on call one in 5 but up until this week I’d only been called out once and then this weekend twice in one night. Helps make the money up.

There are loads of other things going on new dishwasher, handles on cupboards, sub draft beer machine and a new computer! Loving having a PC that a can game on but I’m still a controller kind of guy can’t use the mouse!

Also just wanted to mention a cake mrs H baked, it was a poisoned apple cake from coop recipe and it was delicious! Not great for the diet at 700 calories a slice!

Next post will be back to the usual drivel!

Entertainment – November – Week 2

Another busy week for TV so not sure anything else will get a look in, but I’m hopeful for some COD time later on in the week. I look like putting a full week at work this week as I want time off in December, so maybe I can catch up on some Break TV on my iPad or iPhone. For spoiler avoidance the list below shows the contents of the TV section.

  • NCIS Los Angeles S09E07
  • NCIS S15E07-E08
  • NCIS New Orleans S04E07-E08
  • DC Legends Of Tomorrow S03E06
  • Flash S04E06
  • Supergirl S03E06
  • Criminal Minds S13E04


NCIS Los Angeles S09E07:

Wow this is hard core nuclear launch plot, Kensi has history with one of the guys so is called to fly out to the bunker! They are trying to talk one of the guys down, they need all three of them to launch. It’s down to Kensi and the sister to stop one of the guys. It’s that or Kensi down a tube and shoot some shit! She saved the day but Deek’s is in bits, they are not sure how they can carry on doing the job and be together. Not sure which way that will go but the new assistant director and her side kick are starting to gel with the team. Maybe her mind has been changed about splitting them up!

NCIS S15E07-E08

This one twists and turns all over and you see the temporary return of Farnell and Ducky. It’s a good episode but there seems to be too much crammed in, although Farnell omitted evidence in this guys trial, he was convinced he had the right man. This bloke is released after the team re examine the evidence, Gibbs notices some inconsistencies in the guy’s story though and follows him and discovers he’s a very good liar. Although this didn’t prove he was a serial killer it proved he was a liar don’t think we have seen the last of this story.

Episode 8 was very strange hearing voices, this lady Amber leading them to the clues. I can’t say to much about this one as it will totally spoil the twist. Ducky seems to be back, I know his trip thing was only for 6 months but I think he only missed a few episodes. This for me was a brilliant episode lots of tech things and things that go bump in the night! Also we find out more about Tim becoming a farther soon.

NCIS New Orleans S04E07-E08:

This one is mind blowing literally, fitting chips into people’s brain to treat anger issues caused by posttraumatic stress. Clinical trials go wrong when someone hacks the system and stimulates the subjects to lose control and murder. Patton is called in and we found out that he will be working with his ex wife and they have unresolved issue regarding his accident. Great to found out Patton’s back story and maybe now he has faced his ex he can move on. Reasonable episode, the personal story overshadowed the case though!

Episode 8 starts with a young sailor (Loretta’s foster son) calling Pride when he gets home to find his girlfriend’s room mate dead and an intruder in the flat. His girlfriend is missing and Loretta is asking questions as she didn’t know about her. Emily (the girlfriend) didn’t exist before this year so the team are trying to find out why. Danny got snatched and Loretta is putting the blame on Pride forcing his hand to do something rash to get him back. A message was sent, Danny is in a bad way they will kill him if Emily testifys. Pride has the bad guy’s son and he will kill him if he don’t let Danny go. He got Danny back but nearly got them killed, Pride is questioning his motives and his actions. He has made an appointment with the doctor from HQ to try and fix him.

DC Legends Of Tomorrow S03E06:

Helen of Troy and the splitting firestorm. Hell of a start, and we have a freaky friday situation with Jax and Martin! Helen is causing a storm in the movie industry of the 30’s and guess who her agent is… Mr Dark. Helen has a strange effect on men which literally causes wars! Dark has a proposition for Sara go back to their own time and he will spare them all if not he will kill them one at a time until there is only Sara left. Amaya and the girl who said she would only be killing herself have a chat see intimates that she is from the same place as Amaya and her totem is now part of her. There is more to that I’m sure, I think they are related. Granddaughter I knew it! Didn’t see Dark’s daughter though that was a shocker! Time Fixed, Dark escaped with his daughter and Sara in an induced coma so she can heal, just another day on the wave rider!

Flash S04E06:

Love Flash it’s so funny. Back to the plot though, the team seem to be getting closer to Devoe, and this is a worry for his assistant, but not for him. Harry’s from other worlds come to help, except they don’t, and Harry hates them. Cisco tries to explain that the council of Wells could help if they learned to like themselves. Ralph is struggling with his new superhero status. Looks like the bad guy won’t stay caught or in this case bad girl. Ralph seems to be getting it and eventually and he is checking on the girl. they have found him but his assistant/wife is putting on a show and I think they think they are in the wrong place as the guy who comes to the door is in a wheelchair and looks nothing like the Dalek we have seen in other episodes.

Supergirl S03E06:

The Danvers girls go home, really sad one! Mum’s worried about both her girls! Flashback time, sheesh, Denver’s kids, high school not so happy days! Get the tissues for this one it’s a sob fest or it was for me, but i’m a big sop. The girls were a crime fighting duo way back then too. The two young actresses are amazing in this I have to say, moving convincing performances, obviously they look like their older counter parts but what impressed me was the mannerisms and how they became friends as well as sisters.

Criminal Minds S13E04:

Wow this a bit heavy! We have terrorist, drone strikes, murder and kidnap. All this pitched as a video game and then send a letter outlining how many people they have killed with the drone. Excellent episode best this season by miles !

Entertainment Update – October – Week 2


p12901129_b_v7_acLeathal Weapon S01E15-E16:

Another fantastic set of episodes, I can’t get enough of this show. It’s funny and serious in equal measures. We have discussed this one at work and collectively we think this is getting to the point of been better than the films!! What a well made easy to watch TV show.

The_Big_Bang_Theory_Season_1The Big Bang Theory S01:

I know late to the party or what, well I have seen some of these but I feel a marathon is well overdue. My goodness this is so funny and just what I need to watch today!! Love the fact of how the geeks react around Penny, I know it’s exagerated but I think its how lots of people find talking to pretty girls not online, or maybe thats just me! Also the fact that the episodes are short helps the humor to flow and the chemistry is amazing right of the bat. Glow in the dark gold fish are amazing i need one! Where do I start drink and nerds equals solid gold comedy!! The moment that Raj’s dad says you all look the same to me, I was crying with laughing Episode 8 is the funniest sofar!! I have done it a whole season, and there has been so many good points i’m not sure which to even mention. I loved Friends, but I would argue this is even better. Season 2 next week!!

164541-8Hawaii Five-0 S08E02:

Great episode, centered arond a huge drug smuggling ring. Lots of references to the fact that Kono isn’t coming back anytime soon. They seem to be testing potential new people and maybe even a dog! The new girl from last week seems to be a full time member, well I think it’s her!

mv5bmjm1mtmzmdu2m15bml5banbnxkftztgwmjy4ntqwmdi__v1_ux182_cr00182268_al_NCIS Los Angeles S09E02:

Hetty is still off on a secret mission and the new assistant was no where to be seen. Not sure if they are dropping that charicter or if it’s going to be an ocasional part. Sam met a potential love interest or potentionally and more likely a new member of the team. Looks like Anna may be leaving, I’m guessing she will fit in there for now.

248835-41Once upon a time S07E01:

Well I mocked this one and I thought that it had gone on to long, but by the end of the last season I was back liking it. Was totally confused with the hint at the end to this season, but from what I understood I was hopefull at where was going. Although this was a scean setting episode, it is working great and I do like it and it is on the lines of what I expected. Interesting to see which charictors stay and which are new. Loving Roxy and the detective (Ragina and Gold). Although these are the same people they are totally different charicters and I’m not sure if they are from Hanry’s relm and are cursed or they are from a different story or relm. Looking forward to finding out.

80379-2-9The Big Bang Theory S02E01-E06:

Snuck E01 in and it carried on in the same brilliant path as the first season Penny and Lenard are dating, but as you would expect things are not going well. Still loving the 20 minute episodes it’s seems to be the perfect length to make me want more. Oh no they are not dating now. I’m going to have to try and keep up. More Leslie Winkle fun though she cracks me up so much!Gaming Penny, was a massive highlight, and she got snapped out of it by Howard lol. Having a mare trying to watch episode 4 stupid computer. Penny is regretting going out with Raj already lol. Glad I fixed episode 4 so funny! I watch this one out of sync thanks to my computer acting up, they basically try to get Sheldon to learn to drive and he decides he’s too evolved to drive, it made me laugh so much. Lol Sheldon with a girlfriend/stalker funny as struggles to get rid of her until she asks to be credited on his ideas, then off she goes!

Lucifer S03E02:

I love this show it is funny and I love the characters, wasn’t sure about the new boss but he’s growing on me! This episode sees lot more of the doctor and I have to say she is my favourite person. The plot line was a little slow and the case they worked on seemed a little incidental for my liking. It set the scene though for moving forward on the overarching plot. Can’t wait to see where it goes.

NCIS S15E03:

This was probably the weakest episode so far but still good. Think they are setting it up for Ducky to leave which for me will be a sad loss to the show. The story line will give the opportunity to come back so there is always hope. Still no sign of the woman from the last season, which is odd, I don’t remember anything happening to her but there has literally been no mention at all. Not sure it’s a big loss but I’m very curious over why she’s not in it any more.

Criminal Minds S13E02:

This was a better episode, but I do think they trivialise the trauma these people go through. Not sure I would be ever fit for work if the things they deal with happened to me. That said I’m still not in love with this show and I feel I’m watching out of some duty to it.


Balloon_Brothers_-_1992_-_East_TechnologyBalloon Bros. (mame):

I have never played this before but as I’m testing some pi based systems I have built I wanted to try the games out to make sure they worked. This one is like an upside down version of tetras with balloons instead of blocks. You make horizontal lines and they disapear simples. Be warned this is very addictive.

Also another old post hiding in drafts mostly irrelevant now but as it’s complete I thought I would share it. I’m going to try and complete weekly updates going forward I want to mix it up a bit so what I can come up with.

Entertainment – January – Week 2 & 3

The weeks are merging into one and with doing the extra exercise and trying to play on the Xbox, the TV watching has taken a back seat. I’m loving Agents of shield now the team are regaining control and five-0 is a big favourite too. Nashville has also started promisingly and there are Lethal Weapons to catch up on.

  • Hawaii Five-0 S08E12 – E13
  • NCIS: Los Angeles S09E12
  • The Good Wife S03E01
  • Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD S05E07
  • NCIS S15E12
  • NCIS: Los Angeles S09E13
  • Flash s04E10
  • Supergirl S03E10


164541-8Hawaii Five-0 S08E12 – E13:

Lots going on in this one and as the last one was all Danny, he doesn’t feature in this one at all! Looks like another new member for the team a task force against organised crime. With all the mob bosses on the island dead and the FBI agent and is family murder Steve is determined to find this new player in the game and asks Adam to head up the task force.
This one was all about Lou an origin story if you like. Not sure it tracked perfectly but it is another great episode. Danny is back, but no mention of the new task force. One thing I will say is this one is harder to watch than many of the others. It’s a very emotive subject.

95441-9NCIS: Los Angeles S09E12:

Wow another top episode covering bullying, global warming and extremists activists! Not bad in 40mins! Still not sure what Mosley has in store, but as we haven’t heard anything about Henrietta for several episodes she might be here to stay! I think we may get a rescue Hetty episode soon though! In the end an old microfiche saves the day thanks to a contact of Mosley’s. Also in other news I managed a walking workout while I watched!

img_0198The Good Wife S03E01:

Well this is a very interesting start, the more Alicia distances herself from Peter after the revelations of season 2, the more their lives become intertwined. It’s very hard to tell who is on who’s side and often who the good guys are. Another strong start and after each episode i just want more. I think this will be another binge watch.

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD S05E07:

Wow things are becoming much clearer now and the team are heading to the surface. May is there already and the others are on the way YoYo and Mac are staying in the station to  help the new inhuman with his powers, and I think to ultimately save everyone from the Blue Bloods, I love the analorgy there. Even though I had a tough time with the early parts of this season it is making total sense now and I understand why things went down that way. Excellent show and an excellent season.

NCIS S15E12:

One of the new characters is a profiler which has added a new dimension to the show and allows for unique episodes. This one was about a JAG lawyer living a double life! I do wonder if the bubble will ever burst in this show. The worse episodes are good and the rest are excellent. Some of the new characters I struggled with and I miss some of the old ones, but the show is not only surviving this it’s still getting stronger.

95441-9NCIS: Los Angeles S09E13:

Well I called it…Hetty episode and it’s only a two parter. The significant parts of this episode is that Mosley seems happy to help the team even though Callen insists on keeping her out of the loop.Not sure now which side she is on is she team NCIS or has she got her own agenda. Lots of scenes of Hetty and the survivor been tortured, both the team and Hetty’s old crew are closing in on her location. Still none of them know why she’s there or why she needed so much money. Hints have been made about the survivor, but no believes so far that he could have survived.

295759-3-3Supergirl S03E10:

This is a fantastic show, and totally surprising. Wasn’t expect much at all from this and it gets better and better. Still sad for the girl who is a big supergirl fan and her mum’s the evil Reign! That is not going to be good to find out. Supergirl spends most of this episode in a coma trying to find herself and the way back to her friends and family. There is a classic scene where J’onn has to be Kara and talk to Lena about kissing James. Mon-el and his wife help out on this one to help defeat Reign. This victory is only a temporary solution though and it looks like she will be back shortly with help!

279121-4-2Flash S04E10:

After the Christmas break cliffhanger where Barry is charged with murder, this one is all about the trial. It is also quite slow in places. The team still manage to save the world from the radioactive villain Fallout. Not sure how Barry will be the flash from prison with no chance of parole, but I’m sure he will. Mrs DeVoe is instrumental in sealing Barry’s fate in court and eludes to a bigger plan that she is cooking up with her husband 2.0!


Sliding Doors:

This film is a total classic, I was reminded about it in passing and I knew I had to watch it again. I didn’t quite realise how great is was, this must be the 20th time I have watched it. Yet it was like watching it for the first time and I saw things in it I hadn’t seen before or had forgotten which is possible. This is a sweet what if movie. Full of great quotes and classic moments. I’m a sucker for a love story and you kind of get two in this one and Gwenyth looks and is fabulous which is a bonus to the film and not making the film which sadly is the case in a lot of modern films. How did I forget the ending, ond of the best, and then credits roll to Dido’s Thank you! if that’s not a cinematic mic drop I don’t know what is!


MarioKarkSuperMario Kart SNES:

What a throwback this was, a mate has a snes mini and I have to say it’s a great piece of kit. Been critical i would have liked it to be a hardware solution and have someway of using cartridges. This said the attention to detail in the case and the controllers is great. As you would expect the game plays great and we could have wasted an afternoon playing mario kart, this is not my favourite version I love the multi-play DS version, but still had lots of fun with this addictive racer.

As I found this in my drafts I thought I would put it out there seriously old news now apart from The Good Wife which I have picked back up in season 3 I’m now on episode 20 and loving it.

Entertainment – January – Week 1

Not sure there will be much of anything in this one, back to work and feel like I’ve never been off! To be honest apart from today I haven’t this has left me very tired. Again I try to avoid spoilers but I will list the TV so you can skip if you wish

  • Lucifer S03E11
  • NCIS: New Orleans S04E11
  • The Good Wife S01E14-E23
  • The Good Wife S02E01-E23
  • NCIS S15E11
  • Lethal Weapon S02E07
  • Nashville S06E01
  • Criminal Minds S13E10


img_0040-2Lucifer S03E11:

Flashback Alert!! As flashback’s go this is one of the worse and pointless ones I’ve ever seen. Nothing new in this one that you didn’t know already, I was worried that this show had lost its way and plot wise had hit a wall. This latest episode confirmed that. The first two seasons are amazing, but sadly the current one is very lacking. Oh well I will stick with it as the rest has been brilliant.

278125-6NCIS: New Orleans S04E11:

This is a great episode, even though all the stressors ave gone for Pride and HQ are off his case. The team is still unsure if Pride will go off book again if he see’s it is required. Percy is struggling with Pride and she hooks up with her old ATF partner and he intimates she always gets itchy feet after 3 years. Pride follows the rules but a CIA agent gets killed and leaves Percy’s friend to carry the can. This is fast becoming my favorite NCIS franchise.

img_0198The Good Wife S01E14-E23:

This is just an overview of the show in general as I wouldn’t do the episodes justice if I tried to go into detail. This is my go to show when I have run out of things to watch, I find it easy to pick up and put down as I need too. The characters are very strong and it’s easy to relate with them, are understand them. It’s tangled to like real life things don’t always go to plan, sometimes feelings mess things up. It has love, warmth and a load of drama to keep you interested. Had a mini binge today and it felt good! This show is amazing and what a finish! Best I have seen in many years!

The Good Wife S02E01-E23:

Wow excellent start, carrying on from the end of the last! Interesting case too and with a merger at the firm and Will’s message deleted and her competition on the other side, things are hitting up for Alicia. Her husband is very impressed with work in court!

Episode 2 Alicia wins against her old competitor again but this time he has an ace up his sleeve and gets the army to re try the case. Will is getting attention from the bachelor article and the first conflict of interest at the newly merged firm is revealed. Also the two investigators also clashed! So much going on and that’s not even touched on her husbands campaign!

I just totally binged the other episodes I can’t say anything bad about this show, completely engaging and allows you to build relationships with the characters. I will definitely watching more next week. I find this an easy watch and it is for that reason I won’t go in detail about every episode, instead I will guide you through the general story. Fantastic season with a great ending not quite what I expected which was very refreshing.

MV5BYmJmNDM4NzAtMWViMy00MDU0LWI5M2YtNzYxY2VlMTBiODM5XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNjg4NzAyOTA@._V1_SY1000_CR0,0,666,1000_AL_NCIS S15E11:

What a great episode Torres and Bishop undercover, very convincing! Think it sparked up some feelings between them. Great story too with a little twist at the end. Slightly predictable, but this show has been so good for 15 seasons and that is saying something! Not many shows can say that!

p12901129_b_v7_acLethal Weapon S02E07:

This is a bit slow, but another good story. Lots going on for Riggs and Murtaugh too! The case is also a good one, surfer dies and uncovers all sorts off bad stuff! Riggs is struggling with his sleep and keeps dreaming of his father. He wants to talk but keeps walking out before he opens up! Murtaugh has to apologise to his wife for acting crazy!

NashvilleS05Nashville S06E01:

Actually this was a very decent start and it looks like there are some new characters on the horizon. Very little was said about the label and what agreement they came to with Zac but I guess that’s presumed. Looks like a love interest is in the wings for Maddie and possibly for Deacon too. Looks like Juliet is joining a cult, very worrying indeed!

75710-13Criminal Minds S13E10:

As many of you will know I have fallen out of love with this show, I’m not at the stage of quitting it but I definitely don’t look forward to the next episode as I once did. Saying that, this episode was good, it built well and the plot seemed logical to me. It also felt easier to watch than some of the others at late. I know a crime drama is going to tackle unpleasant subjects and I also understand that part of its draw is to shock. I just find it too much at times and it turns me off as a viewer.


movieposterBed Time Stories:

This one is a total clasic. I think the best Sandler film. I is simple funny and something you can watch with the family. A perfect film for this time of year. I have to confess this was on the TV so I didn’t catch the begining but really enjoyed it from the middle, this wasn’t a problem as I have seen it many times before. Watch it it’s good clean fun!! 9/10

MV5BMTYyNDY2NzAxNV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwOTMxMzg2ODE@._V1_UY1200_CR90,0,630,1200_AL_The Do-over:

This is a stalk contrast to the previous Sandler film. It is rammed full of bad language and adult content. Although it is funny and clever in places, it’s not the best film I’ve seen. If there is nothing else to watch then this will pass on a few hours. I would probably give it 6/10 and some of that is because I had to keep turning it off when my daughter came in the room, she is 12 and the film was rated 15, but I think the content warented I higher rating.